[boinc_dev] BOINC Manager - Tasks - attribute column order

Loki Clock lokiclock at gmail.com
Tue May 18 13:23:36 PDT 2010

I request that the left-to-right order of the attribute lists be
changed so that Name comes after Elapsed and Progress.

One only rarely, in my experience, needs to check the name of an
active process, but one should be able to periodically check the
elapsed time and progress percentage without effort. The process name
field is very long, and often items distinguishable from the most
significant few digits, while the elapsed time and percentages are
short. The application has not enabled dragging to change the order of
the fields, so the order is important. The default size of the manager
requires one to scroll horizontally to see the progress bars. There is
no reason the window should need to take up more space than it does at
said default size. If the process name were moved past them, one would
still in most cases be able to identify the process from what one can
see of it without scrolling and at the same time be able to
conveniently check these constantly updating attributes.

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